I can’t thank the FTW Team enough for everything they taught me at the SAAM training, and the 2 day refreshment course just a couple days before leaveing for my Marco Polo hunt in Tadjikistan was so worth it. I left the FTW Ranch on such a high of confidence, tinging metal targets out to 850 yards constantly. When it was time to harvest the king of the Pamir Mountains, I confidently made the shot exactly the way they taught it at the SAAM caurse.. After being a guide and Outfitter for 26 years I can tell you it is a great feeling when you make a shot over 500 yards and you don’t even second think or ask your guide “ Did I hit it” you can say lets go look at my cleanly harvested trophy.
-Andrew Mackay – andrew.mackay68@bigpond.com