I had a mule deer tag for Montana and was privileged enough to hunt the Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Ranch in Dupuyer, Montana this last week (5-7 November). Charles and I had 2 solid days of glassing and stalking through 60 mph winds, rain, snow and sleet from before sunrise to sunset. On the third morning I was finally successful and got a nice classic 4×4 mule deer from an off hand shot. (I had set up in prone position while in sight of other bucks, but could not get a clear target on the animal). The SAAM course was truly life changing for me. Going in with little gun knowledge and an open mind are the keys for success. The 4 day course sequence is key to building gun knowledge and muscle memory for when the adrenaline is running high in the heat of the hunt. I felt confident behind the gun, and could hear Dave and Gene telling me . . . build the house . . . ride the bull . . . squeeze and freeze . . .and don’t booger flick! The muscle memory of these techniques behind the gun was a game changer! You truly only have one first shot!! Riding the bull allows for the follow up shot to finish it. I highly recommend the FTW/SAAM course to anyone that wants to be 100% confident behind the gun.

Becca H

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