When I first wanted to big game hunt, my husband said that he would go with and tell where to hold the rifle on the animal. I didn’t like that idea, as I had no idea what he was talking about. That is when I decided to go to SAAM Precision Level I back in 2008. I then went hunting for Mule Deer and got the one pictured here. SAAM has taught me to hunt. I know what I am capable of with my rifle. I am no longer nervous before the shot because I have been taught how to get into the best position to take the shot. I have since taken SAAM Precision Level II course that teaches you how to read the wind, which is very important. I recommend the SAAM course to everyone, from the beginner to the experienced hunter. The staff and instructors are first class and make the learning fun. -Betty Gaston Burnsville, MN