My dad and I spent the last week hunting West Texas, and were finally able to put what we learned, at the FTW, into action! The ram we identified was 391 yards away and I dialed in my scope. As we were waiting for him to turn, we began discussing wind speed, direction and hold (like we heard Dave and Fredo do countless times). The wind was howling from about 10 o’clock, so we decided on a 1.5 – 2 minute hold. The ram turned broadside, I dug in my toes and squeezed off a round. I saw him lurch forward in the scope, as the bullet struck inches behind the front shoulder. He ran 15-20 yards, back up the mountain, and stopped. By that time, I had already reloaded and touched off another round as insurance. (These guys are tough!) With the second hit, he crumpled! All-in-all, 3 – 4 seconds elapsed from beginning to end. You couldn’t possibly ask for a better outcome.

Thanks SAAM!