Had to write and say thanks. Just got back from Northern Nevada in the Ruby mountains on a mule deer hunt. Ended up being only one in the camp since everyone else tagged out earlier in the week. I get there and have 6 guides!! Long story short….a 480 yd shot rang true on the 5×4 Trump Buck thanks to you all. Trump was in Elko same day as we got him. No pressure felt even with….6 guides in spotters and video. Felt like I was filming a Nat Geo special!!! Thanks for that confidence! I didn’t tell them that I had any instruction before the shot….by golly they all wanted to know about y’all afterward though! Again, I certainly appreciate the FTW schooling! 480 yds brought me more happiness than you can imagine on multiple levels. My gratitude is deeper than you will know for my time there. Best wishes…Doc