Hi Tim….Duke Potter here. I just wanted to follow up and compliment you and your staff on running a great school. I have just returned home from attending your 4 day safari training class. I have been a hunter and gun handler since about the age of 10 and I’m now 73 years old. It was amazing to learn new tips and tricks for shooting. Altho this was not intended to be a long range shooting class we actually did some of that during our sessions. By the end of the 1st day Fredo had me clanking 12” and 9” steel plates out to 700 yds. On the 2nd day we were out to 1000 yds. Then on the 3rd day he had me shoot his rifle in 6.5 creedmoor on 20” and 12” plates out to 1250 yds.!! Never even dreamed that I would be able to accomplish this, especially in just a few days of schooling. The food and accommodations were top notch and the complete staff was very helpful and friendly. Keep up the good work, Duke & Laney Potter.