The level of professionalism, competence, and positivity among the entire staff at the FTW Ranch impressed me greatly. Every aspect of my experience there, from the quality of instruction, lodging, meals, etc., was exemplary. The SAAM Advanced and Safari courses teach rock-solid principles addressing the entire spectrum of physical and mental prerequisites critical to expert marksmanship and successful hunting. The instructors possess absolute expertise and more importantly, the ability to make complicated topics easily comprehensible and instantly applicable behind a rifle. Their enthusiasm for the covered subject matter and toward improving the customer’s abilities is genuine, and more than once I sat with an instructor discussing various principles well into the night. The many long-distance ranges are top-notch, and I was pleasantly surprised to shoot on ranges with both forward and lateral moving targets. There are also ranges with shooting positions along boulders and tree branches of various heights and angles to get the shooter accustomed to challenging shooting situations encountered during a hunt. The handbooks they provide condense lots of complicated information into easily understandable sections, and the level of detail is impressive. Their handbook on the Kestrel 5700 is the best I have seen. I highly recommend SAAM to shooters of all experience levels.

– Jeff