Wanted to drop you, Dave, and Doug (and the rest of the team at FTW) a quick note. Just got home from a Dall Sheep hunt in the North West Territory and took this amazing 11 year old ram….to say it was an incredible hunt would be an understatement! There is no question in my mind that without the training I have had over the years at the SAAM Course I would have NEVER made the shot…the ram was 458 yards away and the shot to distance was 426. I had to build my base in a bolder pile and could only get in the sitting position….used all the training from SAAM. This was a shot I would have never taken before going through the training with y’all but I had the confidence and there was no question I was going to execute….the round literally hit him perfect through the shoulder and I followed up with a second shot that also went right where it was supposed to (Doug, you would be happy – I didn’t even come off the scope). Thanks again guys….I don’t want to sound like a “cheap ad” for SAAM just telling the facts here of what happened…..the value of this course is absolute…..really looking forward to getting back out there in November!!



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