My initial reason for taking the FTW SAAM course was to learn the technical aspects of shooting. I’d missed some shots while hunting and realized I didn’t really know what I was doing wrong! During the SAAM course, I quickly learned what I was doing wrong, and how to correct it. But more important, I cultivated a new set of skills that allowed me to develop my own style and learn what I was capable of doing. This course changed the way I hunt and increased my enjoyment of hunting. I’ve now taken a variety of game in all types of environments, knowing how to set up, use my equipment, and make the shot. I don’t sweat the technical aspects of shooting because I have confidence and trust my judgment. Lots of places can teach you to shoot, but FTW is the only place I know that makes you a better hunter! I try to go every year, and the course is always challenging and fun! The staff are incredible, and the friendships I’ve formed with staff and fellow students will last a lifetime. After EVERY hunt, I send a note to FTW to say thanks -they have truly helped transformed the hunting experience for me!