Hi Tim, I JUST returned home (a week early) from an incredible hunt in Ethiopia and I owe much of my success to YOU and FTW. I told Justin to send you an e-mail saying thanks, but now it’s my turn. It was an absolute incredible hunt—very, very challenging with the climbing up and down, the wind, cold and lots of rain, but all that just made it that much more special. I lost six pounds but can’t say that’s the best or easiest way to lose weight. One day we left at 4:30 am and didn’t return until 11:30 pm. We were hunting kudu in the Gasera area (down in the hot, hot canyon) and it was all done on foot. I was very thankful for my walking sticks. The MN area was beautiful and we actually saw the bull on day one that I killed on day four. SO many things that I learned at FTW came into play. My PH, Peter Wood from Zim, who has guided for 22 years said I was one of only about 4 that he didn’t have to say reload after every first shot. He said he can always tell when one of his clients has been to FTW. You and your great staff obviously helped me when I was there many times, but the help you gave me prior to this trip was invaluable. GIANT HUGS, Molly : )

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