My SAAM training at FTW made the difference for me. We saw five rams from several miles away and my guide thought one may be legal, so we hiked for four hours to get as close as possible. It turned out to be 430 yards. The biggest ram was definitely legal but he was partially blocked by another ram as they were bedded. I assumed a prone position and was able to get heart rate and breathing down in our twenty minute wait. I dialed up 6 moa for the distance on range card of the 375 Ruger 270 grain bullet I was shooting for that distance. Wind was light and angle downward was ten degrees.

The rams rose and started to move. When clear, I “squeezed” and hit him a few inches below the spine. It would have been fatal but he walked another 30 yards and stopped so I shot again at 460 yards. This hit was six inches lower and forward a little and even better positioned. He tumbled and that was it.

The guide had never seen someone dial up their scope like that and was glad I didn’t wound the ram as he couldn’t shoot that good for the distance. Especially with a 375 Ruger.

Thanks for the training as I wouldn’t have felt confident to make the shots.

Good hunting,

– Phil Widman