4-Day SAAM Safari


4-Day SAAM Safari
5 Nights/4 Days
$4,450 p/p


Description: This course offers 50 hours of Safari specific training in your weapon systems, ballistics, fundamentals of marksmanship, shooting positions, shot placement, reading wind, & on the fly decision making. In this course you will train on life sized moving targets necessary to simulate the unique stress of hunting in Africa. Whether you’re a novice or an expert Safari hunter, your PH and guides will appreciate your investment in this training. We recommend bringing 100 rounds of the ammo you intend to hunt with and 180 rounds of downloaded ammo or borrow one of our training rifles to ease the discomfort of shooting large bore rifles. Note: High volume shooting of large bore rifles can cause shooters’ to develop ticks and pulls. This course utilizes, classroom, range, dangerous game & moving target courses. Students can expect to shoot 280+ rounds. 


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