“Prior to my first safari to Africa I ask a close friend who had hunted Africa multiple times if he had any recommendations on how to make my hunt more successful. Without hesitation he advised my to attend a safari shooting school. I was at the Dallas Safari Club convention at the time of his advice and I ask my PH if he had any recommendation of the several shooting schools which I had interviewed and he unequivocally recommended FTW/SAAM and I attended before my first safari as well as each of my subsequent two safaris. I can highly recommend to anyone who is planning a major hunt, or for that matter any hunt, that they attend a shooting course at FTW/SAAM. Tim Fallon and his team at FTW/SAAM are highly qualified and experienced and are great instructors. The three safari prep courses I have attended not only greatly improved my shooting ability but significantly increased my confidence in not only my shooting but I also learned what my limitations are and what shots to take and what ones not to attempt. I will be back!

Roger K.

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