We were following a small group of sheep as they disappeared over the next ridge of rough rocks. We scurried up to our ridge and they were facing us 200 yards away at the same elevation. It had to be a quick shot and a frontal one at that. Nowhere to get prone. Had to use a huge bolder that was chest high for a rest with my left hand supporting the gun stock. No time to rig a right elbow rest. I had to just count on the good habits learned at SAAM……. breath control, no wood drag, complete follow through to the back of the trigger guard after squeezing with both eyes open. Rode the bull and was back on him as I saw his hooves in the air falling off the opposing ridge. He rolled downhill about 5 yards. The 180 grain Nosler Partition was found lodged against his rump hide, having penetrated the length of his body. -W. Fox